'Paper, Wire, Rock' by Kaoru Rogers

'Paper, Wire, Rock' by Kaoru Rogers presents a playful approach to jewellery making. In this body of work, Kaoru has created minimal, whimsical forms that reference the language, concepts and materials from two countries she calls home – Australia and Japan.

“I have played a lot with forms - adding on, taking away, moving from one to another,” Kaoru explains. She describes her process of production like a game where ideas, shapes, textures or materials play off each other.

Movement words such as bira bira (fluttering), kuru kuru (around and around) and texture words like shiwa shiwa (wrinkly), botsu botsu (dotty) have been referenced along with concepts like kintsugi (mend with gold) and omote ura (front and back). Sheets of metal and wire have been transformed to create sculptural pieces with movement - and at times offset with the addition of an Australian gemstone.

'Paper, Wire, Rock' is an evolving display of Kaoru's process and style. 

Kaoru Rogers was an awarded finalist of the National Contemporary Jewellery Award 2012, receiving the prize of a solo exhibition at Courtesy of the Artist.

'Paper, Wire, Rock' opens on Wednesday 4th December 2013 between 6pm - 8pm at 10b Fitzroy Place Surry Hills. The exhibition runs until December 21st 2013.