'Way Finding' by Lawrence Woodford

'Way Finding' by Lawrence Woodford is a body of work that documents and gauges travel, foreign and mystical landscapes, geological configurations and crystalizations, habitat, and humanity's endless search for paradise on earth.

To be exhibited at Courtesy of the Artist in November 2014, these wearable objects are a visual recollection of the places Woodford seeks to recreate and inhabit, diagrammatic maquettes of mountains, valleys and localities he has visited, imagined or drawn.

"The ambiguity of the shapes and circumscription of the pieces are atlas-like, animal-like, mineral-like, elevation-like and echo the elusive search for our personal Shangri-La." - Lawrence Woodford.

The works in 'Way Finding' incorporate composite and reclaimed materials which Woodford has re-purposed to blur the boundaries between natural and artificial, examining artifice and providing a moment for contemplation. By transforming these materials, Woodford introduces a new value system and develops values more elusive than intrinsic worth.

Opening Night - RSVP here

Please note that due to illness, 'Way Finding' by Lawrence Woodford has been postponed. The exhibition will now open on Thursday 20th November 2014, one week after the scheduled date.

'Way Finding' by Lawrence Woodford will open at Courtesy of the Artist on Thursday 20th November 2014 from 6pm - 8pm. Courtesy of the Artist is located at Shop 122, Level 2, The Strand Arcade, 412 - 414 George Street, Sydney 2000.