'A Cut Above'

"There is a deep, rich history to be found in Australian gemstones and the people who look for them. In Sydney, we’re far removed from the many gemstone townships across the country – places where people toil through dirt and clay in the hope of finding that big stone."

Rare Earth: Australian Made is a collection of pieces by three resident jewellers that celebrates Australian stones. Cesar Cueva, Cinnamon Lee and Marina Antoniou are resident jewellers at Courtesy Of The Artist, a contemporary jewellery/object store/exhibition space that has been showcasing and mentoring designers for 10 years. Gemstones come in and out of vogue. Rare Earth is an attempt at rebuilding an appreciation of these stones and the stories that surround them" - Elisha Kennedy, Broadsheet

Thank you to the team over at Broadsheet for sharing our Australian gemstone story, RARE EARTH: AUSTRALIAN MADE last week. 

You can read the full article on their website here.