'Draw' by Emma Fielden

This October, Emma Fielden will bring her third solo show 'Draw' to Courtesy of the Artist. Through a language of line and mark making, Emma makes work that is guided by a meditative and repetitive process. A full time practicing hand engraver and jeweller, Emma see’s her finished work as an artifact of her process.

'Draw' presents a series of inlaid brooches and works that explore engraving as a means of creating form.

Emma’s exploration of engraving departs from the convention of traditional engraving, opting to leave the burrs attached to the parent material at the end of an engraved line. “By doing so, these burrs become forms that are an extension into space of the engraved line. I have found that they can be amassed repetitively as building blocks of larger structural form or texture; a new expression of engraved line.”

For the first time, Emma will also exhibit a series of works on paper. Drawing on paper is a core part of Emma’s practice and only recently has she started to develop her drawings as finished pieces. “They work alongside and further express other areas of my practice”.

'Draw' by Emma Fielden opens on Thursday 3rd October 2013 at 10b Fitzroy Place Surry Hills from 6pm – 8pm. The exhibition runs until Saturday 1st November 2013.