'Day One' by Marina Antoniou

'Day One' by Marina Antoniou presents a collection of handcrafted jewels inspired by the symbols, forms, materials and techniques used by master craftsman to create the earliest examples of jewelled adornment.

This collection of jewels draws intrigue from the archaeological sites of Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece for inspiration.

Like those recovered from Egyptian graves, small disc ostrich shell beads that were shaped, drilled and strung together by ancient craftsman have been seamlessly intertwined by Marina into this collection.

Turquoise was a highly coveted gemstone believed by the Egyptians to have supernatural powers and features throughout 'Day One' in a series of delicate yellow gold and silver rings. Striking red and soft peach hues of naturally sourced coral, hand cut sapphires and tourmalines have also been used by Marina to embody the colours of carnelian, red jasper and inlaid glass applied by these early artisans.

The lavishly ornate designs referencing elements of nature were frequent in the works of the Ancient Greeks and also feature as a source of inspiration. Leaf, olive and fruit motifs found in the gold wreathes of this period are a recurring presence in this collection. 

Rather than replicating specific artifacts, 'Day One' transcends the ages and blurs the boundaries of traditional jewellery design. It not only presents a reflection of the past - the beginning - but more importantly presents a reflection of the early development of Marina's skills as a designer and maker.

Alongside this, an exciting video collaboration with Artisan Magazine showcasing Marina's creative processes will also be revealed in the gallery on opening night.

'Day One' launches on November 7th 2013 between 6pm - 8pm at 10b Fitzroy Place Surry Hills. The exhibition runs until November 30th 2013.