BY THE FLESH by Mark Stapelfeldt

‘By The Flesh’ is a photographic series depicting Western society’s current shift from our cultural roots as defined by Christianity. I see the Western world as turning its back on religion and essentially on Christianity, attempting to weaken religious institutions and disregarding the iconography that represent them. The important social structures, political culture and individual human rights that we now take for granted essentially derive from Christianity.

Corporate capitalism now dominates and technology is our stimulation, encroaching on our political system and therefore individual lives. This can lead to a feeling of loss of control over one’s life and a sense of estrangement from society or even from oneself. Within our collective being there is a sense of isolation, powerlessness and frustration. The collapse of faith in our institutions and the current political malaise is running in tandem with this. If our society is really abandoning god, what will be the result?

Human urges and actions must be interpreted by ourselves according to societal boundaries and judgement. How do we determine which human urges are permissible? This of course constantly evolves over time, determined by the current culture. The flesh as a barrier to our desires and fantasies is the conductor of our deeds and actions. This series is a visual representation of this ongoing phenomenon.

Mark Stapelfeldt is an emerging artist based between Sydney and Berlin. His works are photographs both staged and candid shot in natural environments, focused on trying to capture the battle of life in resisting death and related events and circumstances. The capability of humans for both good and evil acts and deeds are also themes which influence his work. All work is shot on medium format and 35mm film.

BY THE FLESH will open on Thursday May 10th 2018 from 6pm - 8pm at Courtesy of the Artist Loft, Level 4, The Strand Arcade, 412 - 414 George Street, Sydney, Australia.

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For those of you unable to attend opening night, the exhibition will be open until May 16th 2018. Part of Head On Photo Festival.

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