Karst Stone Paper Notebooks

We have a collection of Karst Stone Paper Notebooks at our Pop-up on the Ground Floor of the Strand Arcade until the 16th of February. Karst Stone Paper is a superior alternative to traditional pulp paper that uses no trees, water, wastes, acids or bleaches to produce. 

"We transform recycled stone into simple, functional and beautiful products. Karst slips effortlessly into your lifestyle to inspire you to do more and create more."

As a company started in 2017 in Sydney Australia, Karst Stone Paper is creating the world’s first global stone paper stationery company. They aim to disrupt the traditional pulp paper industry by offering a range of stationery products crafted from stone paper. Karst offers a range of stationery products crafted from stone paper. Geologists termed ‘karst’, referring to a specific type of terrain resulting from the dissolution of stone. The name ‘Karst’ reflects both their products and their vision— to dissolve, rather, disrupt the paper industry. The need for paper isn’t going away anytime soon, but the need for a sustainable paper option is nearing a tipping-point. Karst's products are born from a single intention, to respect people and planet. They strive to follow this principle from beginning to end. 

Have a closer look at the notebooks here.

Photographs courtesy of Karst Stone Paper and Kevin Garcia.