'Lucent' by Sandra Enterline

This October, San Francisco based artist Sandra Enterline is bringing her solo exhibition, Lucent to Courtesy of the Artist.

Sandra Enterline’s work is based on her fascination with light, especially the juncture where light meets mass. Despite her use of deceivingly simple forms, she builds light and subtlety into her work through dualities. The tensions between interior and exterior, the precious and non-precious, and natural and the industrial world are hidden in each of her collections.

Sandra is perhaps best known for her myriad of hand-drilled holes, a signature of her jewellery. The countless apertures that dot her pieces are reminiscent of precise insect bites on a leaf, and this technique allows light to pass through, creating a vibrating surface of light and shadow.

The sculpting of light reappears when slices of irregular diamonds are suspended in dark, crude settings—evoking delicate windows that punctuate the abandoned factories of her childhood. As the wearer moves through space, the shifting dynamic between transparency and density evinces the complexity of her work.

In her most recent series, movement and light again play vital roles amid industrial steel sheet and nuggets of gold. The mark of the maker’s hand can be found in each piece of steel, as light softly reflects from its hammered surface and raw edges. The non-precious collides with the precious in the form of miniature gold nuggets, shining almost too brightly.

To Sandra, each material that finds its way to her jeweller’s bench is precious. The diamond slices in her work are organic in shape and characterised with inclusions and streaks of grey, black and yellow. The steel is made from iron ore that must be mined and smelted in hulking factories. The gold nuggets hark back to a simpler time of gold panning in the rivers of California. These materials are from and embody the earth. They all share a precious existence. They all share the light.

Born in Oil City, Pennsylvania in 1960, Sandra Enterline graduated with an Associates Degree in Jewelry and Metalsmithing from the Rochester Institute of Technology, School for American Crafts in 1980. She went on to earn a BFA in Metalsmithing from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1983. Enterline’s award-winning work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions throughout the world. Her pieces are in the collections of both national and international museums, most notably the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the Smithsonian Institution in D.C. In addition to her studio work, Enterline gives lectures on her craft and conducts metalsmithing workshops.

Opening Night - RSVP here

John us for opening night of Lucent by Sandra Enterline on Thursday 13th October 2016 from 6:00pm - 8:00pm at Courtesy of the Artist.

Courtesy of the Artist is located at Shop 122, Level 2, The Strand Arcade, 412 - 414 George Street, Sydney, Australia 2000. 

 Artist Talk - BOOK here 

To coincide with the opening of Lucent, Sandra Enterline will be presenting a very special artist talk at on Thursday 13th October 2016 at 5:30pm at Courtesy of the Artist. Secure your free spot here!