ROCK; the new fine jewellery collection by Sydney jeweller Luke Rose. Following on from the success of his SLIDE collection, ROCK features Luke’s signature kinetic elements, with rolling gemstones and swinging pendulums.

ROCK is a true celebration of colour. Diamonds have been replaced with coloured Sapphires, Amethysts and Tsavorite Garnets, with a total of seven different colours to choose from. All rings in the collection are stackable with one another, enabling the wearer to mix and match colours and styles in their own unique way.

Although the collection is fine and delicate by nature, Luke manages to strike the perfect balance between stand out statement pieces and beautiful, every day wear must haves. Hoops feature as both earrings and necklaces, all available “naked” or adorned with kinetic gems or swinging pendulums.

With a new, pared-down approach to luxury aesthetics, Luke Rose takes inspiration from his adopted home, Australia; mixing playful materials with simple sophistication and bold, clean lines. Each piece embodies the underlying values that only a trained craftsman brings to the process. Made by hand, the commitment to the highest quality materials with a contemporary outlook creates a distinctive style.

Please join us for the launch of this collection at 6pm - 8pm on Thursday the 25th of October at Courtesy of the Artist Loft, Level 4 (Pitt Street Entrance), The Strand Arcade, Sydney. Please RSVP here. The exhibition will run until Saturday the 27th of October at 4pm.

 Images courtesy of Ben Scott and Sevak Babakhani.