Cinnamon Lee

I am fascinated by the impact technology has on human evolution. As a craftsperson I am particularly interested in the potential that computer aided technologies offer for new approaches to making objects. My jewellery therefore aims to reflect this potential through combining the use of both traditional and emerging techniques. The latest computer software, for example, facilitates the accurate generation of complex forms that would be difficult to produce using conventional methods, while high-definition rapid manufacturing techniques and lost wax casting processes allow for these forms to realised as tangible, wearable objects. Despite the use of digital technologies in the making of my work, it is crucial that each piece is still individually crafted and carefully finished by hand in order to ensure the quality of the final result.

In my practice … I blend the past with the future. I embrace technology to inspire new ways of creating objects, while respecting the tradition that has come before me. Through my work I try to seek out ways that technology can surprise, how it can aid in pushing the boundaries of possibility, and how it may challenge what we think we already know by exposing the potential of what is to come.

Why custom jewellery? There is an added layer of sentiment attached to custom made jewellery and integral to this is the increased level of connection between maker and wearer. This connection somehow adds to the level of meaning imbued within the object. For example, making a ring for someone’s wedding is always different from making any ordinary ring. ‘Forever’ echoes through my thoughts throughout the making process. With every stroke of the file, every tap of the hammer, as my own hands familiarise themselves with each metallic circle, I imagine the future owner of the ring doing the same. Remembering that they may wear the ring on their bodies every day for the rest of their lives can be a rather weighty concept with a burden of significant responsibility. Artist

Artist Bio

Cinnamon Lee is an Australian artist/metalsmith who makes precious objects in the form of jewellery and lighting. While her work is firmly grounded in traditional craft principles, a keen interest in new and emerging technologies continues to inform her design approach. As a contemporary metalsmith specialising in the use of computer aided design and additive fabrication techniques, Cinnamon has over the past decade established an international reputation as an innovator and pioneer in her field. Cinnamon has practiced her craft for over fifteen years during which time she has been the recipient of numerous awards and exhibited widely both nationally and overseas. She holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts and a Master of Philosophy Degree (both majoring in gold and silversmithing) from The Australian National University School of Art and her work appears in public collections including those of The National Gallery of Australia and The Art Gallery of Western Australia.

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