Marina Antoniou

I am inspired by the materials and techniques used by master craftsman to create the earliest examples of jeweled adornment. I reflect on the past and draw intrigue from Ancient civilizations for inspiration. Rather than replicating specific ancient artifacts, I draw on these findings to transcend the ages and blur the boundaries of jewellery design. I am passionate about the handmade and I am dedicated to quality craftsmanship.

In my practice … I draw intrigue from Ancient civilizations. I am particularly inspired by the archeological sites of Ancient Greece and embrace the materials and techniques applied by these early artisans. 

Why custom jewellery?

It’s more than just the piece itself. It’s an intimate conversation, a lasting relationship. To have the opportunity to create a piece of jewellery that has such strong significance to somebody else is what I love most about making jewellery.

A custom piece of jewellery is not just about how it sits on the finger or hangs off the lobes. Each piece has it’s own story, and those are the stories that I love to tell.

Artist Bio

Marina Antoniou is a Sydney based jeweller who hand crafts limited-run collections and bespoke jewellery. After studies in industrial design, jewellery and object design, jewellery manufacture and diamond grading, Marina is passionate about the handmade and dedicated to quality craftsmanship.

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