Emma Fielden

My work crosses the disciplines of contemporary jewellery and drawing. Much of my work to date has been concerned with the notion of drawing itself, and I have explored the very elements of it: the line, the mark, and these elements brought out into space to create form.

In my jewellery pieces I use hand engraving techniques to create pattern and form. Many of these pieces I define as drawings, others are at least closely related to my drawing practice.

My work on the whole is broadly informed by philosophical concerns, science and art history; balanced by an intuitive and meditative working process.

In my practice … Through a language of line and mark making, I make works that are guided by a meditative and repetitive process. I see a finished work as an artefact of that process.

Why custom jewellery?

When a piece of jewellery is made with a specific wearer in mind, certain details and subtleties take on a personal meaning. The work is a balance between the maker and the wearer, and the piece an artefact of that process.

Artist Bio

Emma Fielden is an artist based in Sydney, Australia. Trained as a hand engraver and gold & silversmith, and with a background in music, her practice crosses the disciplines of contemporary jewellery and drawing. Emma has shown her work regularly in solo and group exhibitions since 2007 in Australia and abroad.

In 2012 she was a finalist in the National Contemporary Jewellery Award and was winner of the 2009 Buda Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society Award. More recent achievements include a commission from the Australia Council for the Arts to create brooches for the two recipients of the 2013 Visual Arts Awards, and a New Work Grant from the Australia Council for the Arts.

View Emma Fielden's work here or follow her on instagram @emmafielden.