Todd Turner

I have been making fine jewellery for most of my life and have been broadly influenced along the way by all sorts of things from art, design and literature, to architecture and the natural environment. I realised early though, that ultimately jewellery is personal. It must reflect its wearer and do so for a lifetime. It should be exquisite and offer something magical in its giving, its receiving and in its lifetime of wear.

My role is to offer my clients sound advice based on my years of experience, to understand their wishes, and to handcraft for them a piece of jewellery which is meticulously made, with great care given to the subtle nuances that distinguish a timeless piece of jewellery.

From the Artist

In my practice … I offer a personal approach, working closely with a customer to gain a clear understanding of their needs and wishes for their piece of jewellery. My designs can be individually tailored, or we can work together to produce a new and utterly personal design.

Why custom jewellery?

Because ultimately, jewellery is personal, and should be made with its wearer in mind and imbued with the sentiment of its occasion.


Todd Turner is an independent designer-maker of fine jewellery. His practice is modeled in the mode of the ‘atelier artisan’ – a studio based jeweller. He began his work in 1987 and opened his first studio in 1993.

Throughout the 1990s Todd worked in commission with many of Australia’s foremost jewellery houses, creating one-off designs for wedding and engagement rings, corporate commissions and models for signature designs. He is a maker of choice for many of Australia’s eminent diamond and gemstone merchants.

In 2001 Todd was commissioned to create ‘The Templier Bracelet’, a piece inspired by the work of early 20th century Parisian jewellers, notably Jean Fouquet and Raymond Templier. The bracelet received national exposure and international review and was exhibited at the French Film Festival in conjunction with the Alliance Francaise.

Todd’s work has been exhibited and represented nationally by leading Australian jewellery galleries and published internationally in books and magazines.

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