Marina Antoniou

This month we interviewed emerging jeweller Marina Antoniou. Marina's new collection has just launched at Courtesy of the Artist and in this interview we step inside her studio to find out about her processes and who and what inspires her.

Tell us a little bit about yourself? I am a Sydney based jeweller and jewellery designer who hand crafts limited run and bespoke jewellery using precious metals, carefully sourced diamonds and unique gemstones. 

Who/what are you inspired by? A lot of things! I am particularly inspired by master craftsman of the past and present. Makers of beautiful things. Fashion. Travel. 

How do you describe your signature style? The work I make is a fusion of measured design and spontaneous making. I blend seamless forms with unprompted shapes, colours and textures. 

How would you describe your process? I rarely draw and most of the time just scribble in black pen in my sketchbook. I experiment in metal - mocking up in brass, copper and scrap silver. My design develops and a lot of the time will change during the mockup stage - sometimes moving so far away from my initial sketch. I file, sawpierce, solder, hammer, bend and form with pliers. These are the processes I enjoy the most, and a lot of the time they determine and help me finalise my designs. I don’t see any point in designing something that I wouldn’t enjoy making! 

I love shaping metal, filing it away, heating it, accidently melting it, starting all over again. I like to have control from start to finish. 

What's next for you? I am currently working on three engagement ring commissions which is really exciting. I have loved every minute of working closely with these clients, it’s what I love most about what I do. Next year I hope to release a new collection as well as continue making bespoke jewellery. It’s the perfect balance for me!

Give me three words that describe your work? Delicate, handcrafted, precious.

View Marina Antoniou's work here.