Cesar Cueva

In my practice ... I engage with each project and client with the same amount of enthusiasm and respect no matter the scope of work. It is a privilege to be entrusted with conceptualising an idea and breathing life into an object to satisfy individuals’ requirements.

My pieces are characterised by a fascination of architecture and the built environment. As form studies, I examine the interplay of proportions, balance and structure.

I will often take inspiration from and re-contextualise an architectural detail and workshop it until there is a balance between its new form, functionality and materiality.

Why custom made?

I am fortunate to have a varied and multi-facetted creative practice. Whilst there is no favoured mode, creating custom pieces is without a doubt the most thrilling and challenging. It is an opportunity to collaborate with a client, explore new ideas and deliver a unique object that will hopefully exceed their every expectation and be cherished for a lifetime.

Artist Bio

Trained in architectural technology, industrial design and visual arts, Cesar Cueva co-founded Metalab, a multi-disciplinary creative studio and gallery, with his partner Nina Cueva in 2004.

Befitting his multi-disciplinary background, Cesar has since produced over 100 events including travelling exhibitions, installations, product launches and pop-up stores. His design practice has seen him work on interior and exhibition design as well as product design and development. Cesar is often commissioned to create custom works for individual clients.

As an artist, Cesar has shown in over 20 local and international exhibitions, collaborated with prominent Australian artists and designers and given numerous workshops in jewellery and object design at several universities across Australia.

Cesar is informed by the Bauhaus approach to design and his creative process involves a thorough understanding of materials and craftsmanship. Cesar’s interest in the capabilities of emerging technologies such as 3D scanning and rapid prototyping has seen him collaborate on projects ranging from LED illuminated serving platters with Cinnamon Lee for Oscillate Wildly’s molecular gastronomy to curating an investigative case study, Control P, on digital fabrication with Object Gallery.

View Cesar Cueva's work here.