Belinda Esperson

Working from her studio in leafy Melbourne, Belinda Esperson is inspired by the feeling and austere beauty of the Australian bush. In this artist profile we ask Belinda to describe her signature style and creative process.

In my work …. I try to capture the simplicity of having casually collected some beautiful objects on a walk in the bush and tied them on a string – the simplicity of a daisy chain or threading a shell or pebble with a natural hole in it to make a necklace. I also try to capture some of the feeling and austere beauty of the Australian bush – the detail, fragments and textures – without replicating specific objects. Creating the detail without overworking the piece, making it appear effortless, is my single biggest challenge when making.

How would you describe your signature style? Raw, fragile, ephemeral, simple, poetic

How would you describe your process? Somewhat serendipitous and probably influenced by my training as an interior designer. The pieces evolve from a general idea or form. I might occasionally do some rough sketches but they rarely capture the essence of the piece – merely acting as a memory prompt for the idea. I generally assemble a sort of moodboard – which might include imagery, found objects, materials, textures, previously made objects or pieces – which I lay out on a white card. This becomes the reference point and inspiration as I try different combinations and make and add elements, gradually building the piece. Finding the right stringing element for a necklace is always challenging – finding the balance between having enough strength to hold its form and support the other elements without dominating them while achieving the right organic texture and simplicity.

View Belinda Esperson's work here.