Sandra Enterline

Inspired by the industrial forms and abandoned factories of her childhood in Northwestern Pennsylvania, Sandra Enterline's jewellery is minimal at first glance but complex in the the precise details. 

To be exhibiting at Courtesy of the Artist later this year, Sandra Enterline is best known for her myriad of hand-drilled holes, which are a signature of her perforated jewellery. 

"My jewelry is reminiscent of industrial relics. Thin gauge silver is perforated with tiny holes, creating an organic quality that transforms spare hollow constructions. The density and pattern of the minuscule perforations lends and indeterminable surface to the object. The pieces vibrate, the interior and exterior shift with changing light."

Enterline creates jewellery that draws people in and ignites the need to touch and investigate, to turn each piece left to right and to peer into the skilfully contracted forms.

Each piece is kinetic, with articulated connectors to enhance movement. They are also kinetic in the sense of how light and space move through the thoughtfully constructed forms. 

Sandra Enterline's perforated earrings and necklaces are now available in store with a limited selection available online.