Who is Eggpicnic? We are a design duo. The goal of our projects has always been to work around cultural identities, projects that are environmentally conscious and creating a bridge to communicate complex, sometimes confronting, socially-conscious ideas and stories. By repositioning themes to consider positive pro-action rather than focus on the problems, we deal with big issues such as genocide, loss of traditional culture, endangered species and education through handmade art-toys, objects and illustrations.

When was Eggpicnic born? We decided to form Eggpicnic three years ago on a picnic at Parco Sempione. We met in Milan, Italy and during that time Christopher was completing his masters at Scoula Politecnica di Design SPD and I was searching for job opportunities in Europe. In 2010, in Santiago we started Eggpicnic and also started teaching first year design students. Since then we have worked on projects concerning editorial, prints, illustrations and industrial design.

What are each of your roles in Eggpicnic? Our roles overlap, however traditionally Christopher is an Industrial Designer and I am a Graphic Designer, this being, Christopher tends to focus more on the 3D functional side of our work where I take on the role of creating the illustrations. We both complement each other in all aspects of our work. Our ideals and visions accumulate into a common cause of creating work which recognizes with a specific cause or cultural identity

Who/what are you inspired by? We are inspired by everyday heroes, people who are passionate and work towards making positive changes. Our work is also inspired by nature and therefore we wish for a harmonious coexistence with our surroundings. For us, a designer’s responsibility is based on the desire to take part in creating a better world. Much of our work stems from my Chilean heritage looking at the environment, the people and culture.

Give me three words that describe Eggpicnic's style? A great adventure.

Where would you like to see Eggpicnic in 5 years time? We hope to open up to more chances working in collaboration with passionate groups and to get to work with people from other fields. To be able to make changes and to be able to have a higher impact in informing and educating people about issues we believe need to be addressed.

What's next for Eggpicnic? We recently completed a project in collaboration with Momiji and The School of Life. This was one of the most inspiring and challenging experiences we have had to date. Keep your eyes open soon to see the final result. On top of this we have just launched our online shop and are selling limited edition signed and numbered prints. And there will be more to come!

Is there anyone that you dream of collaborating/working with? One of our dream projects is to work with indigenous communities here in Australia. We want to immerse ourselves in their way of life and get to know their customs face to face. Learn more about their art, mediums and processes and if it’s possible collaborate and develop projects together. One of our many dreams!