Courtesy of the Artist Custom has great pride in inviting you to view the Courtesy of the Artist Custom collection here and discover it’s resident artists below. 

Acknowledging the significance of celebrating a special milestone with a personalised design piece, Courtesy of the Artist Custom launched in July 2014.

Led by Creative Director Cesar Cueva and representing five resident artists trained in traditional gold and silversmithing, Courtesy of the Artist Custom combines the heritage of time-honoured skills with the broader practice of contemporary design to create distinct pieces to be treasured for a lifetime.

With a passion for connecting clients with the Artist that best represents their vision, director Nina Cueva has an intuitive sense of identifying a patron’s personal style and linking them with the right artist to bring their creation to life.

Testament to Nina’s decade of experience with custom commissions, clients regularly return for guidance for significant occasions. 

Providing a private consultation space, Courtesy of the Artist Custom welcomes commissions for commitment, engagement and wedding rings as well as re-crafting of existing pieces. Specializing in offering unique cuts and sought after gemstones, the design process is highly original; ensuring every one of the studio’s creations is genuinely one of a kind.

Selected for their superior level of craftsmanship the studio’s resident artists represent a range of disciplines and signature styles catering to the broad taste of Courtesy of the Artist’s discerning clientele.

"Personal adornments can take many forms. They have the ability to transcend time and place. Significant pieces are imbued with rich sentiment and treasured for a lifetime. At Courtesy of the Artist Custom we understand the significance of jewellery in enriching peoples lives." - Nina Cueva, Director


  • Cesar Cueva

    My pieces are characterised by a fascination of architecture and the built environment. I will often take inspiration from an architectural detail and workshop it until there is a balance between its new form, functionality and materiality.

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  • Cinnamon Lee

    I am fascinated by the impact technology has on human evolution. I embrace technology to inspire new ways of creating objects, while respecting the tradition that has come before me.

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  • Marina Antoniou

    I am inspired by the materials and techniques used by master craftsman to create the earliest examples of jeweled adornment. I reflect on the past and draw intrigue from Ancient civilizations for inspiration.

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  • Emma Fielden

    My work crosses the disciplines of contemporary jewellery and drawing. Through a language of line and mark making, I make works that are guided by a meditative and repetitive process. I see a finished work as an artefact of that process.

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  • Todd Turner

    I have been making fine jewellery for most of my life and have been broadly influenced along the way by all sorts of things from art, design and literature, to architecture and the natural environment.

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